Multi-generational home on a hill

Design Brief

Fieldfare is a multi-generational home for a family, carefully placed on a steep hill situated in the open countryside surrounded by grazing fields and woods as a thoughtful response to the rural and agricultural character of the area.

The house responds to the panoramic views across the wider valley as well as the intimate woodland setting with sounds of birds and wildlife; the house seeks the woodland and a strong relationship with the land.

Visuals © DPB Design

Design Response

The building has a strong horizontal emphasis and a discreet profile, with bands of rustic materials below a floating roof, which reflect its agricultural setting through corten steel and the prominent local building material of ironstone.

The landscape design increases the biodiversity of the land and provides an enhanced habitat for wildlife, including fieldfares and other migrating birds.

Illustrations © Feldmann Architects / DSA Environment + Design

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