Courtyard Barn

Contemporary rural dwelling around a walled garden

Design Brief

The agricultural barn formed part of a disused farmstead and was originally converted into a small annex as part of work to the entire estate.

The new design has doubled the size of the property and accommodates the kitchen with an open plan dining and living area under a vaulted roof. The dwelling now embraces a new walled courtyard, which opens out towards the sun and blends the house with the countryside.

Photography © Andre Carmona

Design Solution

The eastern side of the courtyard is framed by the brick wall of the existing barn, which has been refurbished to create three bedrooms.

The new west elevation of the house is formed by a garden wall which encloses the courtyard and incorporates an outdoor kitchen.

Generous glazing along one side of the new wing provides views of the garden and  allows the tranquil atmosphere of the courtyard to extend into the interior of the house.

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