The brownfield site is located in the Georgian new town, laid out around 1820 and now part of the New Walk Conservation Area, and is accessed via an archway off the Welford Road.

The oldest of the existing buildings around 1840; the site was used by a wide variety of trades including a needle manufacturers supplying the hosiery trade, one of Leicester’s key industries, metal fabricators and as a timber yard.

The proposed mixed use redevelopment combines the retention and conversion of the two most historic buildings for residential use with the construction of new apartments and office accommodation, which will overlook the re-landscaped courtyard.

The site slopes from east to west and the buildings are stepped accordingly; the buildings vary in scale to create a small grain within the site which matches the surrounding urban block and the numerous residential entrances and the position of the office building at the eastern end of the site stimulate constant pedestrian traffic across the site.

The massing ensures a strong sense of enclosure around the courtyard without overbearing the adjoining properties or harming the setting of the adjoining Grade II listed buildings, some of which share a plot boundary with the application site.

The top floors of the new buildings are recessed to modulate the silhouette and clad in dark grey façade cladding panels. The strong horizontal line above the brick elevations is an interpretation of the parapets found on many of the nearby prominent and listed buildings, the dark cladding reflects the surrounding roof scape of slate tiles.

The elevations are composed of small and medium sized openings together with the added façade elements of metal balconies and feature timber panels, which reflect the historic uses of the site and complement the red facing brick of new and existing buildings.
Concept diagram Model with existing access through archway from Welford Road
Proposed courtyard elevation with refurbished existing buildings on the left
Moel with apartment buildings on the left and office building on the right Site layout and context