78-80 Rutland Street was built in 1923 as the British headquarters for the American Pfister + Vogel Leather Company. The Grade II listed building was designed by Leicester architects Fosbrooke & Bedingfield and is said to resemble the firm's headquarters in Philadelphia.

The building was originally used for administration and storage by Pfister + Vogel and subsequent occupiers, before it was converted into a restaurant on the upper and lower ground floor with apartments above.

The ground floor is now back in the original use as offices for Mojo Promotions and returned to the open plan layout; the noticeable curtain wall glazing of the rear elevation, the first in the East Midlands, can be fully appreciated throughout the floor.

The original steel columns and internal brickwork have been re-exposed and are complemented by a collection of heritage furniture and re-used factory light fittings.

© Mojo Promotions
© Keith Cooper
View of central breakout area Site location
Design concept View towards meeting zone
Rutland Street facade View of entrance area