The bespoke office building is proposed in a yard off Wellington Street, in the grounds of a Grade II listed house overlooking New Walk, and occupies the former footprint of the Baker + Soars workshop beneath the surviving wall signage.

The studio space is intended for a firm in the creative sector and the design reflects the progressive nature of the business.

The translucent cladding allows natural daylight into the building and ensures privacy for the studio as well as for the adjacent apartments and the law court opposite the site.

Prompted by the visibility of the historic advertisement on the side wall of the adjacent property, the new double-height entrance facade faces sideways towards the city centre and is prominent in uphill views along Wellington Street.

The tall existing brick wall is retained and integrated into the design; the gates into the yard are set back to create a forecourt for the studio underneath the mature trees of the adjacent plot.

Proposed main floor Design concept
Site as existing Proposed view along Wellington Street